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Specialized OTR innovations to help lower your operating costs.

Casing Technology

Enhanced Casing Durability for Severe Conditions

Innovative radial sidewall construction enhances lateral stiffness, cut protection, and casing durability in haulage operations.

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Maxwork Compounds

Maxwork Cutaway

Temperature Control for Cool Running

Innovative compounds allow for increased TKPH and casing durability by reducing heat generation in haulage operations.

Casing Technology

Lateral Stability for Enhanced Confidence

Innovative radial sidewall construction providing greater stability to reduce bucket sway and increase driver confidence in loading operations.

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Close up of Goodyear Permafoam Technology

Puncture-proof to keep you up and running

Goodyear Permafoam technology is ideal for underground mining operations that require enhanced load-carrying capacity and a comfortable ride via non-pneumatic inflation.