Tyre performance tracking yields many benefits

tyres can be a substantial investment, which is why you should take appropriate steps to optimise their longevity and performance. This includes engaging in established tyre and site maintenance practices, such as regular tyre inflation and condition checks, site audits, and more.

Tracking tyre performance also can play an important role in helping you get the most out of their tyres.

Through Goodyear's exclusive EMTrack tyre performance management tool, trained tyre technicians check tyres on vehicles and collect data about tyre inflation, tread depth and other key metrics. This information is then automatically, immediately uploaded into a special EMTrack app, where it is housed in a password-protected environment.

Over time, the accumulation of data lets you monitor and chart performance indicators like cost-per-hour, cost-per-ton, and hours-per-32nd. This information can help you make better decisions about tyre maintenance while helping you forecast for future tyre needs. This in turn, can help with budgeting, future tyre selection and other considerations.

For more information about Goodyear's EMTrack system, contact your Goodyear OTR tyre sales representative.