Maintain (and gain) with correct tyre inflation

You've selected the right tyre for your vehicle. What's next? The answer: maintenance. Because tyres are "mission-critical" items - and because they can represent a substantial investment - it pays to help optimise their performance and longevity. Maintaining proper inflation levels is the single most effective maintenance procedure you can employ to help achieve this.

Consistent, correct inflation positively impacts tyre wear and casing life and also can help reduce the amount of fuel that your machines use. Inflation checks should be part of every pre-shift inspection. If that isn't feasible, check tyre inflation pressure at least once a day.

Beware of both over-inflation and under-inflation. Over-inflation can lead to uneven wear and make tyres more susceptible to ruptures while rolling across tough terrain. Under-inflation causes tyres to flex more. Also, make sure you don't overload your tyres.

Tyres are designed to keep your equipment moving. Make sure you vigilantly maintain proper tyre inflation to help keep your vehicles up and running.