Fleet surveys, site audits help keep tyres rolling

The importance of tyres to the successful operation of vehicles at mines, quarries, construction sites and ports cannot be understated. The following best practices will help you achieve optimal tyre performance and life, and the benefits will flow directly to your bottom line:

  • Fleet surveys. Check your tyres before every shift - not just for inflation issues, but also for tread depth, and cuts and nicks that have the potential to grow into larger fissures over time. Also, check for mismatched tyres. Fleet surveys can help you identify and correct these often-overlooked issues before they can turn into expensive problems down the line.
  • Site audits. Examine your site, plus the roads leading into and out of it. Are there rocks and other debris in your equipment's path? Water management also is important. Has your site been designed in such a way that water easily drains from it? Is there standing water in the form of murky puddles on your site? Is there water on incoming or outgoing roads? It's difficult to know what tyre-damaging items silently lurk beneath a puddle's surface. Eliminate this risk by maintaining dry surfaces.

Make sure you and your team are working with your Goodyear OTR sales representative to optimise the return on your tyre investment.