Site management: the impact of road grading and curves

Site management is crucial to optimal tyre performance. This is especially true when it comes to road grading and curves. Here are some things to look for:

  • Road grading. Pay attention to how roads leading into or out of your work site slope upward or downward. Roads that are built too sharply along an upward trajectory can cause a truck's centre of gravity to shift to the back, putting extra strain on the vehicle's rear tyres. Roads with a downward slope that's too steep can shift the truck's centre of gravity forward, placing more pressure on the vehicle's front tyres. Road grades should never exceed 8%.
  • Road curves. Avoid tight-radius turns on roads leading into or out of your work site. Ideally, curves should be as wide and far-ranging as possible to avoid putting undue pressure on outside tyres. Roads also should have a super-elevated profile, similar to what you see at race tracks. This will help give your trucks more "wiggle room," which in turn, can help prolong tyre life.

Good road grading and curves can contribute to optimal tyre performance and vehicle uptime.