OTR Retreads

Goodyear OTR retreads are engineered to deliver like-new performance for even the toughest jobs. Retreads not only help reduce the total cost of ownership, but they also extend the life of your tyres while delivering the traction and treadwear you expect.

Optimizes your Investment

Save up to 60%

Tier 1 casings are robust candidates to take one or more retreads to extend the life of the tyre. This can translate into savings of up to 60% versus new tyres, reducing the total cost of ownership.

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Provides Like-New Performance

Traction and treadwear you expect

Goodyear retreads are made with the same compounds and tread designs as their original Goodyear counterparts. This means they deliver like-new traction and treadwear performance on the job.

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Promotes Sustainability

Better for everyone

Since 1957, Goodyear has been retreading Tier 1 off-the-road casings, extending tyre lifespans while helping to reduce unnecessary waste.

Enables Simple Billing

A Familiar Process

Billing can be handled through our Dealer Network for any Goodyear National Account.

Our Technologies

Mould Cure

High-quality retread cured onto the casing in a mould and press, offering like-new appearance and performance.

Cut Tread

Customized tread pattern cut directly into retreads for specialized needs.


Flat-proof performance allows for longer life on an expanded wheel.

Ready for Retreads?

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Trusted Retread Specialists

Every OTR casing is retreaded at our plant in North Bay, Ontario, Canada.

Stock Retreads Available

Retreaded casings are available for purchase through our Dealer Network.

Don't want to retread?

Don't let your assets go to waste. We can buy your retread-eligible Tier 1 casings.