Goodyear Helps Elevate Construction Productivity

March 1, 2017

Goodyear's Trusted Products, Worldwide Support, Reliable Services and Management Tools Help Enhance Performance and Lower Operating Costs

AKRON, Ohio, March 1, 2017 - The Goodyear Tyre & Rubber Company will demonstrate its commitment to helping construction operations elevate their productivity while lowering their operating costs during CONEXPO, March 7-11 in Las Vegas, Nev.

"Construction companies look to Goodyear to enhance their productivity while helping reduce their costs," said Evan Perrow, marketing manager, Goodyear. "We invite CONEXPO attendees to visit our booth (#N11527) at the Las Vegas Convention Centre to learn how Goodyear can help them."

Goodyear will display a number of trusted products at its CONEXPO booth, including:

  • The Goodyear TL-4A, which features an optimized tread pattern for versatility and traction in severe conditions.
  • The Goodyear GP-4D, a high-traction, deep-tread tyre for articulated dump trucks that features a non-directional tread design for enhanced traction; centreline riding lugs for long wear and a smooth ride; and more.
  • The Goodyear Armor Max Pro Grade MSD, which targets construction trucks and features a rugged tread design for enhanced on- and off-road traction; a cool-running base compound; and more. The tyre is available with Goodyear's DuraSeal Technology, which helps seal nail-hole punctures up to ¼-inch in diameter in the tyre's repairable tread area.

"All of our tyres have been designed to offer optimized performance, along with low cost of ownership, thanks to our cutting-edge research, development and manufacturing capabilities," said Perrow, who added that Goodyear also is expanding its bias tyre product offering in order to better meet the needs of the growing construction industry.

During CONEXPO, Goodyear will discuss the comprehensive support that it provides to construction companies, including an international distribution network, an integrated supply chain, and field sales and consultation teams, "where and when customers need them," noted Perrow.

Reliable services are another pillar of Goodyear's productivity-enhancing, cost-reducing approach. These services include expert on-site support in the form of consultations, site audits, tyre surveys and more - all designed to help construction companies optimise the performance of their tyres.

In addition, Goodyear will highlight its extensive range of management tools, including EMTrack, an exclusive performance monitoring system that provides custom reports based on tyre tread depth, tyre inflation and other important measurements.

Goodyear also will demonstrate its Tyre Trac online commercial truck tyre management tool, which helps construction operations monitor commercial truck tyre installations, the performance of these tyres in the field and other key metrics. Tyre Trac also can help end users identify truck tyre maintenance opportunities.

And CONEXPO attendees will receive an opportunity to look at Goodyear's Truck App, which contains comprehensive information about all of the Goodyear commercial truck tyres and retreads that are available for construction applications.

"We look forward to demonstrating our commitment to customer productivity enhancement and cost reduction during CONEXPO," said Perrow.

About The Goodyear Tyre & Rubber Company:

The Goodyear Tyre & Rubber Company is committed to helping end users in all construction segments and applications lower their operating costs by offering trusted products, worldwide support, reliable services and management tools. For more information, visit and .